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There is change at PATSKATS

Daniel Schöni, drummer, songwriter and booker of Patskats has to give up one of his 3 "jobs" due to time constraints. He will continue to write songs and help the band to play as many gigs as possible. Unfortunately, however, he will be passing on his sticks and will therefore no longer be on stage with us on a regular basis. However, Schöni will continue to be available to the band as a "replacement" drummer.

From now on, Fabio Lüscher from Solothurn will be behind the drums. Fäbu was previously on the road with Remo Forrer in a more poppy style. He also plays gigs with DJ ZsuZsu. Fabio is a multi-talent. In addition to drums, he also plays various other instruments, writes songs and makes videos. Among others, the current video "I Can't Get Enough" by PATSKATS. 

We are looking forward to the great collaboration with Fabio Lüscher and say thank you Daniel Schöni! The PATSKATS family has grown by one member!


Our first album is out now. Listen now!